Who we are

We are Cells Clinic Limited

We specialise in making your computer hardware and software problems go away. Our we have been doing that for a long time for many clients like yourself who are looking for a professional service.

Our team of engineers have the resources, the skills, the expertise and most importantly, the experience to correctly diagnose and repair your computer problems.

We do not compromise on quality to save costs. All our parts are sourced from vendors who produce high quality and sometimes OEM certified replacement parts.

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Why us

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    We have over 35 years combined experience in the IT industry and we know what we are doing when we commit to a job. All our engineers have had prior tenure with hardware companies so we know our stuff.

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    We have specialist equipment required for specialist jobs. Unlike some reapir shops, we actually have the correct tools to diagnose specific issues so we do not go fiddling around when we don't have to.

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    We are experts in the work we undertake. Our service comes highly recommended and we have BlueChip international clients sending machines to us to get it repaired. The services we offer are really of the highest quality.